Saturday 29 July, 2017
Following the nasty accident at the Isle of Wight on Thursday Stoke immediately contacted the BSPA and requested to sign Lee Dicken as a replacement. This has been approved by the BSPA and Lee will take his place in the side for Knockout Cup replay against Mildenhall on Sunday evening.

Stoke Promoter Dave Tattum thanked the BSPA for dealing with the matter so efficiently and said "I am delighted that at least we can field a full team on Sunday.

David (Wallinger) has been a competent team member this season and this signing should mitigate his absence. His injury whilst very painful is not as serious as it first appeared and he will return to the side as soon as he is fit to do so in a few weeks. He hopes to be with us on Sunday to support the team which demonstrates the spirit we have at the Club this season. There were hectic conversations between myself and Malcolm Vasey in a Southsea Hotel, the Management Committee of the BSPA and Lee Dicken in a flurry of calls to facilitate the change. We felt that we had to move swiftly never easy when a team is on the road."

Now we must hope that the weather will be kinder to us than the forecast suggests so that we can face the Fen Tigers. Showers are forecast but the 6.00 pm start time should enable us to assess that very early and we will do our utmost to ensure that the match goes ahead.