Saturday 23 September, 2017
STOKE and Mildenhall fought out a 30-30 draw in a meeting that was curtailed after ten heats due to time constraints after a crash between Potters rider Luke Priest and tigers number one Connor Mountain resulted in them both being taken to hospital.

The incident happened in heat five of the meeting with Atkin leading the race both Priest and Mountain had been battling for second place as Mountain got the better of Priest going into the third lap which saw Priest and Mountain collide and go heavily into the safety fence with the race the being awarded with the Potters rider being excluded as the primary cause of the stoppage

The Potters had opened a four-point lead in the early stages as Mitchell Davey and Paul Burnett and then Lee Dicken and Shaun Tedham combined for 4-2 heat advantages to give the A.R. Richards Potters a 14-10 lead after four races.

Mildenhall started the fightback in heat seven as Jordan Jenkins took a comfortable victory from Dicken with former Potter Jon Armstrong taking third reducing the Potters lead to two points and the same pairing levelled the scores at 30-30 in heat ten as Armstrong held off the challenge of Davey with Jenkins challenging for second place as the Potters gained a point and the Suffolk side take two points for an away draw as both teams and managers agreed to curtail the meeting after ten heats with the result standing.

STOKE 30: Tony Atkin 8, Mitchell Davey 7, Lee Dicken 5, Paul Burnett 4+1, Shaun Tedham 3+2, Ryan Terry-Daley 3+1, Luke Priest 0
MILDENHALL 30: Jon Armstrong 9, Daniel Halsey 8, Jordan Jenkins 5+1, Connor Mountain 4, Alex Spooner 3, William O’Keefe 1+1, Luke Ruddick r/r