Monday 25 September, 2017
STOKE number one Mitchell Davey was disappointed that he had to miss Sunday’s National League Riders Championship meeting at Leicester’s Beaumont Park circuit on Sunday.

Davey who hit the Loomer road air fence in heat ten of the A.R. Richards Potters clash against Kent on Saturday night commented “I didn’t feel too bad with the adrenalin pumping during the meeting but after we left the track and overnight I stiffened up and decided to take a trip to the hospital to get checked over on Sunday morning and was advised to rest as I was suffering from whiplash and therefore had no alternative but to withdraw from the meeting.

I’m now focusing on getting myself right and ready for the Potters meetings against the Isle of Wight and Buxton on Sunday 8th October which are two very important meetings for the club and ones we all hope that we can win.”