Friday 21 October, 2016
It is with considerable regret that the Promoters of Stoke Speedway are forced to announce that the double header meeting planned for tomorrow (22nd October) has had to be cancelled.

This is due to the affect of the weather during the first half off the week which inhibited ground staff efforts to satisfactorily begin track preparation and this has been exacerbated by showers and low air temperatures leaving it impossible to prepare a surface that meets the standards for rider safety and for an enjoyable event to take place for spectators.

This statement is being made early out of respect for travelling support from King's Lynn and Mildenhall and also the convenience of riders and the impact on them some of whom would need to make an earlier journey start than usual due to the added time needed for a double header. With no other speedway racing in the country tomorrow other possible travelling support also must be considered.

The Stoke Promotion are investigating re-staging possibilities but the curfew at Loomer Road does not sit easily with midweek double headers and there is nothing worse than providing little more than half a meeting which is frustrating for supporters, riders and officials alike. There is also the prospect of further damp weather and in October the lengthened track recovery time.

Promoter David Tattum paid tribute to his ground staff expressing the opinion that they had literally moved heaven and earth to get the track right and thanked them for their efforts even though these have ultimately proved fruitless.