Monday 16 January, 2017
SHAUN Tedham is the sixth member of the 2017 Stoke National League team leaving just one place remaining for the new campaign.

Tedham, first rode for the Potters in 2013 before taking the following season out, returning to take his place in the Potters team in over the past two seasons’.

Potters team manager Malcolm Vasey commented “Shaun is the life and soul of the party off the track and we are looking for him to become the life and soul of the party on the track. This season is an extremely big season for Shaun it is his third consecutive season with the club and we know he can string some good scores together especially around Loomer Road and we are now looking for him to maintain this around Stoke and to also gain the important scores away from home.

Vasey continued “Shaun will be pitted along with one of the senior members of the team who will be able to give him advice prior to the meeting and during the meeting for him to reach his full potential and score the valuable points that are required from him this year.”

The Potters now have one place remaining to complete the septet and Vasey said “We are sifting through all possibilities to make sure we have the right rider coming in to complete the team.”