Sunday 26 February, 2017
STOKE are delighted to announce that Carmarthen Dragons will be racing at Loomer Road for the 2017 season.

Dragons representative Lawrence Fielding commented “Dave Tattum has kindly agreed to allow us to hold second half challenge matches while we continue our negotiations with the governing bodies to bring league speedway back to Wales. I’d like to thank Dave Tattum and everyone at Stoke Speedway for allowing this to happen and we look forward to taking to the track in the new campaign.”

The move will see the Dragons race in some meetings after the Potters National League fixtures meaning supporters will be able to watch 21-heats.

Potters promoter Dave Tattum said “We are delighted to welcome Carmarthen to Loomer Road for the coming season and we sincerely hope that our supporters will get behind them and enjoy the extra racing on the nights Carmarthen ride.”

Fixtures for the Dragons will be announced shortly.