Saturday 08 April, 2017
WITH the 2017 season ready to burst into life the Stoke Potter's Promoter Dave Tattum announced what he called the best news of all and that is that A R Richards Ltd. will once again be the Potters' main sponsors.

"They have been absolutely brilliant for the Club in so many ways and their sponsorship extends to the use of their plant and labour on our track and environmental work in which they have been absolutely pivotal.

"Indeed, there were times last season where their input was paramount to the Club's future and I have been so grateful to them on so many occasions." added Tattum.

"They were immensely helpful with the drainage work and also with the infield improvements and without them so much of the work done would not have been possible.

"There is a great deal of interest in the Club at the moment with many people ringing up about the Pride of the Potteries meeting on Sunday which has aroused great interest from the public and the media and I thought it was the perfect time to make everyone aware of A R Richards Ltd and their massive contribution to Stoke Speedway.

"I wish to thank them very warmly for all that they do for us."